The widest range of decoration options

Our decoration techniques

Establishing your brand on the global market requires a holistic concept. Your packaging forms an integral part of your brand image and must reflect and support your brand promise and brand value. It is the eye-catcher, the first thing your customers see. On shop shelves and online, the look needs to arouse curiosity and provide an essential purchase incentive. It needs to be like love at first sight!

A brand’s recognition value is also vital. Irrespective of which individual product in your line you are placing on the market, the look and styling must clearly represent the brand character. Customers that you have already attracted and retained to your brand should be able to instantly “recognise” each new product.

Customise your packaging


The various decorative techniques that we can offer you at HK Cosmetic Packaging and our many years of experience in screen printing, hot foil stamping, lacquering and metallization, leave nothing (design-wise) to be desired, and showcase your brand in an ideal way. Give free rein to your creativity!


Screen printing

Screen printing is one of the most frequently used printing techniques, and provides numerous ways of applying the decoration of your choice to your cream jar or stick. For this reason, we recently invested in two ultra-modern 5-color printing presses to complement our existing fleet of printing machines to ensure that we remain at the cutting edge.

Products can now be printed all over in a single work operation. Extremely detailed graphics such as extremely thin lines and delicate design elements can be depicted clearly and razor-sharp using this kind of stencil printing procedure.



We only use environmentally friendly, water-based lacquers for lacquering in our company. The range of variants with this decorative technique is almost unlimited.

Matt / gloss lacquer

Would you like to clearly highlight the shape and contours of the packaging, and does the product need to make an elegant and sophisticated impression at the same time? Or would you rather have more gloss and shiny colours? With our lacquering you have the choice between matt or gloss, opaque or transparent, monochrome or multi-coloured.

Effect lacquer

Make your product unique with extraordinary effects.

For example, using so-called “graduated lacquer”, with which the covering lacquer runs into a transparent surface or the original colour of the bottle.

Or you can give simple packaging a pleasant, velvety feel using soft-touch lacquering. Your customers won’t want to let go of your packaging! Special lacquer effects can also emulate natural textures such as stone, both visually and in the way it feels.

With stone lacquering we create very special, natural looks which will turn your product packaging into a highlight.

Hot foil stamping

With hot foil stamping, also known as hot foil embossing, the printing motive is released from a metallic foil with the aid of a heated die and embossed onto the packaging.

The metallic shine gives the product a very special effect. Gold, silver and copper foils are often used. However, modern colourful foils are also often used in order to achieve special effects such as holograms or textures.


Do you want to give your product a metallic look?

Coating using vacuum metallization vaporisation provides a decorative metal look which goes far beyond galvanic chrome plating in terms of the variety of colours. Aluminium is vaporized on using this procedure. The top coat (finish) can be coloured, meaning that numerous coloured metallic surfaces can be created.

Relief printing

Would you not only like your logo to be visible but also felt on your packaging?

Relief printing – also known as thermo-relief printing or thermography – is a sophisticated printing procedure which gives your printed logo or design element a 3D effect.


We are happy to advise!


Put your trust in our many years of experience and expertise, and find out more about our wide range of decoration options. Together we will develop the right look for your special product and translate your brand value to the product packaging.

Our specialists are technically proficient and keep a close eye on current industry trends. They know exactly which design element is suitable for hot foil stamping or for screen printing. And their well-founded expertise means they can advise in which case a soft-touch coating will provide added value or whether they would recommend metallisation, always keeping in mind the wide variety of possible effect combinations.

Together, we will develop a tailor-made decorative package for your packaging and brand!