Plastic is our passion!


Professional and successful handling of the plastic material has been our core expertise for more than 100 years. With our state-of-the-art production, we are the absolute specialists for injection moulding and compression moulding.

We process a wide range of plastics, and have the optimum selection for your product requirements. Starting with polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) to HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) and LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) to Styrol-Acrylonitrile-Copolymer (SAN) and duroplasts.


Transparent and brilliant like glass
but almost unbreakable

REBHAN Materialien

Special products deserve extraordinary packaging!


PET CLARO is an innovative packaging material with unique characteristics.

It has many of the advantages of glass - from the attractiveness and brilliance, to safe usage and cost-effectiveness to flexibility and logistical advantages - and compensates for some of the disadvantages of this material at the same time. The cream bottles are robust and almost unbreakable, i.e. optimum for everyday use.

The highly transparent bottles convey luxurious value, and showcase your product in an optimum way with their solid bases. The wide range of usage options extends the customisation options.

Because of the development of a new recyclable polymer with molecular recyclates, [Claro CR 50] sustainable options are now possible. The FDA certification has been retained, and the recycling capability in the PET cycle is still guaranteed.


Kunststoffmaterialien bei HK COSMETIC PACKAGING


The most suitable material
for every application

Plastic - versatile and completely recyclable

Plastic is an excellent and versatile material which can be used for numerous products. The plastic that is used for your product depends on several specific factors. Mainly on the nature of the content, i.e. is the formulation more alkaline or acidic, more liquid or oily? On the other hand, the type of use plays a major part – do you want a jar with a light travel weight or a stable, robust bottle? And last but not least there is the attractiveness and appearance is decisive – do you want a clear, transparent cosmetic bottle or do you wish to present the product in an opaque, coloured canister and decide on a matt or shiny finish.
The options are almost unlimited.


Did you know that you can filter and search for our standard product lines
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Mechanical and molecular
recycled solutions

REBHAN Materialien

Recycled packaging solutions

Many materials can now be used to produce packaging made from recycled plastic, and more are emerging every day thanks to consistent research. When we are referring to recycled products made from plastic in household waste collections, we speak about post consumer recycling (PCR). PCR is packaging which is collected in recycling streams and taken for reusing. However, not only rPET but rHDPE or rPP materials can be recycled, and can also molecularly recycled as well as mechanically.

At HK COSMETIC PACKAGING we started to think about the future at an early stage, and now have numerous recycled solutions. You will find detailed information about these in our Green line area.


Kunststoffmaterialien bei HK COSMETIC PACKAGING


Conserve fossil resources and
reduce your CO2 footprint

Bio-based polymers


Bioplastics are predominantly made from agro-based raw materials at present, in other words from plants that are rich in carbohydrates such as maize or sugar cane from the agricultural industry. When sourcing these materials we ensure that maize comes from surplus production and is not destined for food. And when using sugar cane, the material comes from the third pressing that can no longer be used as food.

Bio-based and partially bio-based, stable polymers contribute to reducing the CO2 footprint. Compared with conventional plastics, they reduce the dependency on non-renewable raw materials such as crude oil and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

At HK COSMETIC PACKAGING we provide products from sugar cane, tall oil, lactic acid and Sulapac(R).
You will find all of the details of these in our Green line area.



Whatever packaging you want,
we’ll find a way to get the optimum materials


Please don’t hesitate to advise us of your requests and specific material requirements.
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