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State-of-the-art technology enables maximum flexibility.

To process the different types of plastic and to create exceptional packaging, we need a vast array of different production processes. This is why we at HK COSMETIC PACKAGING place considerable value on professional use of state-of-the-art technology in order to guarantee quality, flexibility and efficiency. In the following we will briefly introduce you to the different methods that are available for manufacturing your plastic packaging at HK COSMETIC PACKAGING.


In-house tool manufacturing


Our in-house tool manufacturing is the starting point of all of our standard product lines. The designers and engineers at HK COSMETIC PACKAGING develop new concepts, which they then pass on to the engineers for implementation. Subsequently, standard moulds are used for the full product run and offered to our customers. Our tool manufacturing department also manufactures customised moulds for customers who are looking for a specific solution. The suitable mould for the respective transformation process is developed when this takes place. Each customer is the sole owner of its own moulds. However, we offer storage options and the possibility of starting a product run with a very short run-up time.


Your advantages from using our tool construction.

- Advice regarding the most suitable transformation technology for your product packaging.
- Comprehensive support when defining the tool layout and configuration
- Cost optimisation
- Tool provider performance management
- Delivery of the mould and the equipment if products needs to take place in a different location
- Qualification of tools for production
- Comprehensive maintenance services on site
- Extremely fast response times in the event of tool repair inquiries
- Complete tool adaptation and modification for integration in existing lines


HK COSMETIC PACKAGING tool manufacturing
HK COSMETIC PACKAGING tool manufacturing
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Our product technologies


Injection moulding (IM)


With injection moulding we plasticise the plastic in an injection unit and inject it into an injection moulding tool. The hollow space (the cavity) of the tool determines the shape and surface structure of the finished products such as caps, lids or sleeves. Our cutting-edge machines have spindle drives that are directly driven, thereby ensuring absolute accuracy and part quality. They are also extremely clean, since they consist of liquid-cooled, encapsulated servo-electric drives and recover energy during the braking process.

82 injection moulding machines are currently in operation in our production facilities.

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Compression moulding (CM)

Packaging which is extremely robust and durable and has an extremely high quality appearance can be manufactured using compression moulding using a two-piece mould which shapes and compresses the polymers at the same time. Since this technique does not require injection, there is no visible injection edge on the packaging. There is also very little post-production shrinkage with compression moulded elements.

Ten CM machines are currently in operation in our production premises.


Injection moulding – IBM (Injection Blow Moulding)


The injection blow moulding method is used to produce hollow plastic packaging such as bottles or other small-volume containers.

The required plastic material is melted to make it supple and malleable and is then injected into what is known as the preform. This preform is the length of final product, and is then blown in a blown mould to create the finished bottle.

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Do you have any questions or would like to know whether we can implement your special project?
We would be pleased to advise you about the different technologies and production processes.